Monday, April 26, 2010

Paleo Future

Here's a neat blog about what people used to think the future would look like. Obviously we see some hits and misses. I heard about this blog on the way home from work today on All things Considered.


Jill said...

lol -- the part about vitamins and exercise replacing girdles -- lollollol!!!!

The one that talked about different hair colors -- just yesterday, as I was leaving UC, I saw a young woman whose hair was blond in front, red on the back right and black on the back left. Maybe she just couldn't make up her mind. I love the purple and chartreuse hair I see from time to time.

Bernard Droege said...

Great Blog!
It's one to follow.
The video clip of cars of the future was especially good. But I really don't think changing a tire will ever be an "exhilarating experience".
So do they still even make girdles?

Jill said...

Yeah, Bernie, they do. At least, I've seen them being sold at Macy's. HA!

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