Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More local atheists and thoughts on the public's view

'Sinners' gather at atheist meeting.

I didn't go to this meeting, but I think it is important to highlight it here. It's nice to see that the billboard has brought some more atheists to CinCor, but I find it odd that when a group has to define itself by what it is not. That's why these news stories end up sounding like the atheists are fighting believers, and, in turn, why believers think that atheists are mad at god or some other nonsense.

I do need to get out to at least one of these meetings to see what it is like, I really can't be critical of them just from what I've learned from the media's perspective. And I can't be angry at the media for a poor portrayal if that isn't the case.

I know it goes hand-in-hand, but the view of atheists from the outside is probably similar to the public's view of skeptics. How can you meet and talk about what you don't believe? With ART, the answer should be obvious; we meet to discuss a wide variety of subjects not limited to the 'traditional' skeptical subjects of homeopathy, psychic cats, and little green men from across the galaxy. We turn our skeptical eye to topics on the cutting edge of science, art, and public policy. How different are the groups within' CinCor? I will have to find out. Not knowing is my own fault.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Billboard moved

Well that didn't take long. Someone apparently threatened Lamar Advertising for hosting the billboard.

My mistake, Lamar was not threatened, actually the landowners from whom Lamar leases were threatened. More info here

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Those uppity non-believers have put up a billboard with a very nonthreatening message telling other non-believers that they are not alone. This article on Cincinnati.com has brought in over 500 comments as of this posting.

How dare those godless people express such a simple message in public? Don't they know that we're not supposed to discuss controversial issues, such as religion and politics, in public?