Thursday, April 15, 2010

Michael Specter: The danger of science denial

Here's a great talk by Micheal Specter on denialism.

It shouldn't be surprising to most people who are checking here, but it is worth a listen.


Bernard Droege said...

A great clip. But I have to admit, I would go back in June of 1985. I would bring 10k with me, and invest in Apple (AAPL) at $1.84. I'm just say'in.

Bourgeois_Rage said...

Heh, not quite in the spirit of his talk, but I hear ya.

Time travel is too tempting to not go and screw around with.

Jill said...

Interesting film. I have a problem with his dismissing the morality and politics of the issue. I remember reading (can't remember the exact scientist -- I think it was Enrico Fermi) about one of the Manhattan project guys when asked about the morality of building such a destructive weapon. He said something like, "I'm a scientist; I don't have to think about morality." That worked out so well for all of us.

I have a problem with scientists who work for food companies that then patent their improved product, but they also include a condition that makes the seed sterile, making poor farmers unable to keep some of the seed they grow to be used to grow new plants.

But, in a perfect world, yes, it makes sense to improve all the seed. Problem is: this is not a perfect world and science can't be done in a vacuum.

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