Friday, January 22, 2010

AiG in Haiti

Here's an odd post from Answers in Genesis concerning a missionary that is in Haiti. First, I was glad to see that their colleague is okay. But I was struck by the content of the post. Instead of information on how to help the stricken people of Haiti, or perhaps even an amazing story of survival against all odds, we get a listing of the various booklets that are available in Haiti. They seem to be putting the cart before the horse at AiG.

Support groups are still having a hard time getting proper medical supplies to where they are needed, so see my earlier post about how you can help.

EDIT: Mark Looy commented below that AiG is also soliciting donations for Food for the Hungry. It is good to see everyone pulling in the same direction whenever crisis strikes. However, I still think that my previous post stands. There are still many lives to save before anyone starts worrying about distributing literature.


Mark Looy said...

Actually, we have had a few items on our website about the tragedy in Haiti, including a piece that we posted three days ago that encouraged donations for Haitian relief. We provided a link to the website of Food for the Hungry and wrote: "To make a donation to help with the immediate needs in Haiti, we suggest you visit the Food for the Hungry website and also watch its video to learn how it is bringing in water, food, and medical supplies to Haiti (AiG staff, by the way, have generously donated to Food for the Hungry over the years, including for its efforts in Darfur, Sudan)." Another article is going up on our website this weekend that encourages even more donations for Haitian relief. Mark Looy, CCO, Answers in Genesis

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