Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Creation Museum "Science" Fair

The Creation Museum is hosting a "Science" fair in February. This isn't a real science fair, if your child wants to participate they have to agree with the AiG Statement of Faith.

Do I have to believe a literal interpretation of Genesis, including creation about 6,000 years ago, to participate?

One reason we are holding this Science Fair is to show that creationists are capable of conducting good science. We also want to provide an opportunity to encourage creationist students with an interest in science to pursue their goals. In light of these intentions, the invitation to participate is open to any 7–12 grader who agrees with the Answers in Genesis Statement of Faith.

Of course, in real scientific studies there are no doctrines that one must follow in order to do experiments or research.

The cost of participating is $5/student, but I don't see anything on how much it would cost to attend the fair. In the past other creationist 'science' fairs have been good evidence for how otherwise bright children are being misled.


Bernard Droege said...

A part of me is curious about the "Science Fair", and I wouldn't mind checking it out. But another part of me would feel guilty, like when I slow down and rubberneck at an automobile accident.

raa said...

Wouldn't it be fun to see a creationist science fair where they took a statement from the bible and tried to prove it using the scientific method?
Of course I am dreaming. What would be the point as there is no way the bible can be wrong in their worldview.

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