Thursday, June 25, 2009

Symbols of Science

The University of Nottingham in England has been creating fun websites for teaching science.

Previously, they created a web site giving information about the elements:

There is a similar site, also from England and the University of Sheffield that includes much more information and some amusing touches:

For instance, under Iridium, they have the following cartoon:

Anyway, Nottingham has also started up a web site with nice little videos about various symbols of science. Here you can learn about symbols as diverse as Jupiter to the fine structure constant to Feiganbaum's constant:


Bourgeois_Rage said...

I liked the link to the periodic videos. Each element has a quick (2-3 minute) video about the element including discussion and a few facts. Seems like a neat way to give each element some personality instead of just being another box on the table.

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